Talk to SME

We all have IT horror stories to share with each other; and what a relief it is to have people around you who can offer real-time help. Tknocks has invested in a dedicated virtual frontline team, which is available 24-7 to discuss problems live and explore solutions together with you. The frontline team works closely with our SMEs to perform diagnostics and formulating practicable solutions.

Above all this frontline consultation is free and with absolutely no strings attached. Once we have diagnosed the issue, we may DIY solutions, seek third-party assistance or purchase a service from Tknocks, if that suits your needs. You will be under no obligation to make a purchase and in case we are unable to resolve your issue satisfactorily, you will have the rights to cancel orders or seek refunds per our standard terms. Our consultation is concept neutral to allow to select the most relevant and budget friendly solution for your needs.

What to Expect, When I call.

Our technical staff provides tech support to the widely used operating systems including different versions of Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. Mac OS X etc. Please read on to know the coverage of our operating system support service:

  • Speak to a real person, who has the technical understanding of your problem
  • If the frontline team is unable to diagnose, a SME will assist with detailed diagnostics
  • SME may require further details and/or request remote access to analyse the root cause
  • Tknocks service consultant could advise a DIY fix, an in-house or a third-party solution
  • You will have the option to pursue a solution yourself or purchase a service from Tknocks
  • You are under no obligation to make a purchase from Tknocks

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