Software Installation & Removal

In order to use new software that you buy you will first need to install it. How you do this will depend on the format of the software whether it’s on a CD, DVD, flash drive or something you downloaded from the Internet to your computer. The easiest way to go about installing software is having the CD auto run when you place it in your computer. Most computers and software support this feature. When you place the CD in the drive there is a file on that CD that makes it automatically launch the setup program for that software. If its not installing or getting some issue then There are several other ways to go about Installation / Uninstallation new software on your computer. If one way doesn’t seem to be working correctly then you can try one of the others to make sure it is properly installed.

Uninstallation is a reverse of installation where installed software removes from a computer but some times its not easy due to some technical reason.

Tknocks can help you install/uninstall and manage all of your software and apps including:

Possible encounter installation / uninstall Issues

  • Warning/Error message during installation Process
  • Unable to Proceed Installation as installation aborted by user in previous installation attempt.
  • All application features does not work post installation
  • Warning/Error message at the time of uninstallation
  • Software not removed completed from computer post uninstallation
  • Software not cleaned from computer registry

How Tech Knocks Helps

  • Fix the route cause & launch fresh installation.
  • Install software with required feature as per your need
  • Remove all previous installation files from registry, created at the time of previous installation attempt.
  • Uninstall software forcefully from third party tools
  • Complete prerequisites before software installation
  • Recommending and selecting the most suitable software and apps based on your needs and your computer or device capabilities
  • Installing and configuring the latest compatible software and apps
  • Upgrading to the latest compatible software and app versions
  • Resolving conflicts and compatibility issues
  • Uninstalling unwanted, problematic, or improperly installed software and apps

How Tech Knocks Helps

TechKnocks Help with

  • Smartphone and Tablet apps
  • Windows software
  • Mac software
  • Tknocks can help install or remove all types of software including:
  • Instant Messenger software (Skype, Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo Instant Messenger, etc.)
  • Web browsers
  • Office and Productivity Suites (e.g. Microsoft Office, Open Office)
  • PDF viewers (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader)
  • Digital photo and video management software (e.g. Picasa)
  • Digital music management software (e.g. iTunes)
  • Multimedia players (e.g. VLC, DivX Player, Windows Media Player)
  • Email clients (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc.)
  • Data backup, sync and storage solutions (e.g. Drop box, Microsoft Skydive, Google Drive, etc.)
  • The latest smartphone and tablet apps, including games and social media apps like Facebook and Instagram

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