Setup Wireless Router

There are several facets of Networking. One of the most demanding and constructive aspects is setting up a wireless router and access point. In an organization where thousands of employees connect internally from different locations, it is crucial to install routers and access points to provide an easy exchange of data packets. An access point is a radio transmitter that connects a wired network to a Wi-Fi device. These days access points come integrated with routers.

Common Issues with Wireless Routers

SMBs and large businesses come across with wireless routers and access points:

  • Issues with setup and installation
  • Signal problems
  • Not working
  • Hardware Errors
  • How to connect with the router?
  • Cannot access

What Techknocks offer

  • Setup of new wireless router and access point
  • Eliminating errors
  • Fixing linking problems
  • Resolving connection issues
  • Addressing all related problems

What Tech knocks offer


Connect with World-class Technicians

We have a proficient group of networking experts who have witnessed their knowledge for over two or more decades. We allow our customers to reach the concerned technician by following a very easy process. Moreover, our expert will assist you with every single aspect of the issue you confront and provide the best possible solution. We also ensure 100% security, transparency, and reliability in our services.

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