Network Security & Hardening

The world we live in requires a PC with an on-the-go Internet connection every moment. Since today’s era makes users dependent upon technology, you need to stay alert and keep a watch on the security of computer as well as the Internet.

Cyber-crimes narrate the entire tale in this regard. There is a vast story of security of these two. Not surprisingly, self-job might not be properly done and hence does not prove to be much effective. This is why most users opt for help from professionals to provide a powerful encryption on the doorstep of their systems and network. Another aspect that adds to the goodness of a PC and network is hardening that gives a performance hike to the system. Be it any task, technicians at Tknocks have good hand and brain to provide on-demand PC/Network security and hardening services.

Possible encounter Security and Hardening Issues

  • How to empower PC and network with high security?
  • Issues in releasing security patches
  • How to enable network encryption?
  • How to enable address filtering on my PC?
  • How to perform hardening for a wireless network?
  • How to enable router firewall?

How TechKnocks Helps

  • Important security tips
  • Proper system and network configuration
  • Assistance for installation of patches
  • Tips to deal with wireless threats
  • Help for changing default settings
  • Complete help for security and hardening of PC as well as network

How TechKnocks Helps


Combat Security Issues
through Experts at Tknocks

With top-notch security for your PC and network in mind, we have come up with a brilliant team of experts who possess good knowledge about ways to deal with security threats. We provide you essential steps to keep your network completely secure. We also fix the issue or take security measures by accessing your computer securely, with your consent.

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