On-demand IT Support

Tknocks develops and installs SOHO IT infrastructure which is compatible and scalable to a range of business operation needs. We take a top-down approach while developing IT requirements that are further distilled to develop lists of networks, devices and auxiliary systems required to cover the business requirements. We conduct remote condition monitoring of assets to assess their performance and deploy preventative measures to protect against major outages and downtime. We strive to sustain good health of the systems and take a forensic approach to root cause analysis, supported by real-time troubleshooting.

Service Descriptions

Our technical staff provides tech support to the widely used operating systems including different versions of Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. Mac OS X etc. Please read on to know the coverage of our operating system support service:

  • Requirements development and scope definition
  • Equipment procurement strategy and vendor management support
  • Review of network architectures of optimal redundancy and performance
  • System reliability, availability and maintainability from whole life-cycle perspective
  • Post deployment support and technology management
  • possible solution no matter how long it takes to rectify the issue.

Our Advantages/