IT Single Incident Support

IT incident support is similar to a ‘pay as you go’ service model. This is designed to address the need of those customers who do not have large IT infrastructure or only require technical assistance when it cannot be resolved with their own efforts. It is by far the most flexible and cost effective solution for individuals and businesses, who are exposed to systemic failures and have higher risk tolerance towards system downtime.

At Tknocks, we treat every problem with a sense of urgency and priority. From the point you call our technical support center our service attendants will diligently work with you until the problem is resolved to your satisfaction. We charge our customers once the problem is resolved, so you only pay for the services you received per incident.

Some of the most common single incidents include:

  • Virus or malware infections
  • Setup, installation, update or un-installation
  • E-mail setup and configuration
  • Network and Internet connectivity
  • System performance
  • Low response time
  • Slow start-up, shutdown and reboot
  • Disk clean-up and data recovery

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