Annual Maintenance

Small office home office (SOHO), also known as microenterprise, is a business with limited resources where in-house IT support is not practicable or cost prohibitive. IT support is an essential function that enables companies to conduct the core business. Several companies choose to outsource this essential function to third parties that are technically competent and affordable.

Tknocks is a leading provider of SOHO IT support services, covering computer devices, networks, peripherals, routers, servers and associated hardware and software infrastructure. For our clients, we enable access to a wide variety of diagnostics and troubleshooting systems at a shared cost, which is an attractive proposition for a growing business

Our SOHO IT service annual maintenance covers the following:

Not all businesses are alike and neither are their SOHO requirements. Our service packages are flexible and scalable to allow businesses to retain essential services through our introductory packages, which can be expanded to cover the evolving needs, as the business operation grows.

  • Troubleshooting software errors
  • Combating Internet threats to protect drivers and security systems
  • Optimization of computer throughput
  • Updating drivers
  • Fixing issues related to peripherals, computer devices and Internet connectivity
  • Installation of necessary and compatible drivers
  • Installation of a trusted antivirus software program
  • Malware/spyware detection and clean up
  • Instant access to experienced technicians

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