Device & Peripheral Support

Peripheral devices are the most essential instruments. Everything from cables, monitors, keyboards and mice, to printers, scanners, and digital cameras, can have trouble properly interacting with a given computer system.

As a result, the troubleshooting techniques used to address issues with peripheral devices involve both the peripheral device that isn’t functioning properly, as well as the computer system to which it is connected.

Users use a growing number of devices and peripherals with our computers these days.  Getting this devices set up and keeping them functioning properly can be time consuming.  Tknocks can help you with all of these devices including:

Device & Peripheral Support Include:

  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • MP3 Players/iPods
  • Keyboards/Mice
  • Other USB, Bluetooth or wireless devices
  • Digital Camera
  • Digital Frame
  • Five in one devices
  • Computer Projector
  • Others Digital Computer Input / Output Devices

Common Issues with Device and Peripheral

  • Device not detected.
  • Device not working due to out dated drivers.
  • Device drivers corrupted.
  • Device blocked by security software’s.
  • Exception errors \warnings generating by device.
  • Unexpected behavior in Computer due to new connected device.

Common Issues with Device and Peripheral

How Tknocks Helps

  • Setup and installation
  • Installing latest software and drivers
  • Setting up wireless devices on Wi-Fi network
  • Resolving connectivity and compatibility issues
  • Configuring your device to your requirements and preferences
  • Troubleshooting errors or device malfunctions

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