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Established with the motto of providing comprehensive tech support to customers, Tkncoks has now made indelible footprints in the tech industry. With the round-the-clock availability, we undertake forthwith and genuine services. Below mentioned are the areas covered by our tech support service:

Operating Systems
Our technical staff provides tech support to the widely used operating systems including different versions of Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. Mac OS X etc. Please read on to know the coverage of our operating system support service:

  • Setup & installation
  • Operating system update and upgrade
  • Reinstallation or uninstallation of the OS
  • Fixing downloading issues
  • Establishing compatibility of older programs with the OS
  • Maintaining computer performance
  • Maintaining security

Application Support
Tknocks takes charge of tackling all issues associated with the highly used applications like MS Office suite, MS Outlook, Antivirus, etc. Below is how our service succours:

  • Fixing send/receive errors in Outlook
  • Help with lost contacts, appointments, calendars and other attributes of Outlook
  • Resolving MS Outlook connection glitches
  • Tackling all issues related to MS Office, PowerPoint, MS Excel and other programs
  • Assistance if antivirus is not working
  • Installation of security program
  • Dealing with the errors and issues that occur due to antivirus software

Network Infrastructure
Our network experts promise to deal with the challenges encountered on the popular network infrastructures including Cisco, Juniper, Dlink etc. Please have a look at the following to know in detail:

  • Fixing IP address problems
  • Security concerns
  • Network dimensioning
  • Troubleshooting non-compliance issues
  • Help with handling large networks
  • Fixing firewall problems

Contact Centre Solutions
Tknocks provides comprehensive solutions to the following renowned communication systems:

  • Cisco UCCE
  • Cisco IPCC
  • Cisco Call Manager

IT Security
We provide support for security products manufactured by the giant firms listed below:

  • IronPort
  • Forcepoint, formerly known as Wensense
  • Cisco Asia

We also support security intelligence programs and platforms like DLP (Data Loss Prevention Software) and RSA enVision.

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