New PC / Computer Setup

Whether you are unboxing a new PC or freshly installing Windows on older hardware then turn on your PC for the first time, Windows start setup process. After you choose your country and time zone, agree to Microsoft’s legal terms, and connect to your Internet through Wi-Fi network, you will come to the windows set up screen. Choose the “Customize settings” link hidden at the bottom left instead of the Use “Express settings” button at the bottom right, or else Microsoft will rush you through the process and opt you in to everything with even things you probably don’t want.

Tknocks Experts will help you perform every task for you to be sure that system will be set up as fully compatible with your hardware to boost computer performance.

Some people might be quick to point out that you can likely install an operating system with the BIOS defaults, but I think it’s best to understand the important options and set them correctly before you do anything else. (Note: If you flash your BIOS to a newer version, the settings will often be wiped and you’ll have to redo them)

Why Tknocks Experts for New PC Setup

  • Tknocks Tech follows the checklist to ensure every task
  • Tknocks Tech customize the setting as per your need
  • Tknocks Tech check compatibility for all peripheral Devices
  • Apply all update patches to insure the Security
  • Guidance on “User Account “ Management

How Techknocks Helps

  • Recommended Bios Settings instead of default
  • Updates for all included software
  • set up recommended Virtual Memory
  • Removal of all unnecessary software
  • Performance fine-tuning
  • Installation and updating antivirus and antispyware software
  • Customization to your preferences
  • Connection to wireless access point
  • Installation of your USB printer
  • Assistance with creating system recovery disks on your own media (DVD or hard drive)
  • Guidance on how to back up your data and keep your device secure and performing well

How Techknocks Helps

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