Networking & Internet Support

Internet is the network of networks. Each system on the Web hosts one or multiple sites called Web Site. It majorly uses TCP/IP protocol to facilitate the service. These were the first protocols that were introduced during the development of Internet Protocol suite. Various Internet connections are in use these days including broadband, DSL, Wi-Fi, ISDN. No matter which connection you choose, there are chances of certain issues that halt the work process. This is where the need of Internet support comes in. Tknocks is a place that offers incredible support in addition to support for ADSL (Asymmetric digital subscriber line, a type of DSL) and Internet installation.

Common Issues with ADSL and Internet

  • Issues in setting up ADSL Ethernet modem/Router
  • Forgot username or password
  • How to setup Internet?
  • Cannot connect to Internet
  • How to customize Internet settings?
  • Wireless network connection failure
  • How to setup wireless Internet in Windows?

How Tknocks helps

  • Internet access settings customization as per your need.
  • Peer to peer connectivity check to address issues immediately
  • Assisting with the tips to setup wireless network
  • Providing complete procedure to access Internet
  • Wireless Internet connection sharing with other device
  • Setting up your wireless router to enable your internet
  • Configuration of router and firewall settings to secure your network
  • Troubleshooting the wireless connection on a single system
  • Explaining how to keep your wireless network secured.
  • Connecting & configuring new devices to your network

How Tknocks helps

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