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Software Solution

Tknocks is a global software Solution provider that offers excellent software solutions. Software engineers at Tknocks set a ‘SMART’ criterion that stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely, to fit-in an ideal business arena. Driven by technology, backed by experience and engineered by innovation, software design and development services rendered by Tknocks suit customer needs and requirements and comply with industry standards.

Our forte in technology implementations enables us to use the best approaches to create products that set a benchmark in the industry. With the help of years of experience, our engineers have been able to deliver cost-effective and quality products timely. We believe that it is our sole responsibility to provide the top-notch software application to our clients. With this belief, we begin with a procedural software design and services and follow the complete SDLC to yield a meritorious software program.

• C/C++
• Net
• Java
• MSSQL/ MySql
• Microsoft Business Intelligence
• Android and iOS


While involving with software design, our experts
• Gather information by going through the SRD (Software Requirement Document); after a thorough analysis, prerequisites are gathered.
• Create the architecture of the product
• Prepare the implementation plan and a roadmap

Software Development

During the development phase, our engineers
• Develop the design documentation
• Create an effective test plan
• Write the code following code-review and unit testing (testing phase includes functional, automated unit, integration, system, automated performance, stress and load testing)
• Post-delivery, the product is backed by software maintenance that includes customer support, quality improvement, product enhancements, etc.

During the entire software development phase, our development and testing teams go parallel to complement their skills and provide the customer with an error-free, smoothly functioning and easy-to-understand product. You can get in touch with us anytime as we are 24/7/265 awake.

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