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IT Infrastructure Support

IT infrastructure consultancy services offered by Tknocks assists you to make certain that your IT infrastructure is able to adapt or suits new business requirements in real time efficiently. Services provided by Tknocks go in parallel with the pace of your business growth, ensuring cost-effectiveness.  Our technicians in first place will assess the situation of your current IT infrastructure and then analyse the measures to be taken to strengthen the environment and make it more robust with the help of our IT infrastructure consultancy services.

  • You can make the right decision
  • Learn latest technologies and create hybrid infrastructure

Optimization services under IT infrastructure consultancy by Tknocks are an effective way to enhance IT efficiency. Our technicians provide quick and productive solutions by optimizing your IT infrastructure with the help of brilliant strategies. Moreover, we will also let you know the important measures to be taken for optimization so that you can implement do-it-yourself approach in case of minute problems.

  • Rapid migration
  • No system or application downtime
  • Data integrity assurance
  • No impact on server hosts
  • Data migration between different storage devices from several vendors

This is how we at Tknocks provide consultancy, advice and services on paid basis for below given Area’s

Network Management & Support Services

  • Installation & maintenance of passive and active network equipment.
  • Network monitoring & incident management.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • SLA based operations.

Data Center Services

  • Installation, configuration, monitoring & maintenance of server infrastructure.
  • Active Directory Management Support
  • Virtualization services.
  • OS & Database maintenance & support.
  • Storage management.

Users IT Support services

  • End user support, both technical and functional (on local applications use).
  • End users training.
  • Installation, configuration, monitoring & maintenance of end-user computing equipment.
  • Second Level Support for admins and client’s IT staff.

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