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Digital Marketing

Tknocks, we welcome you to make drastic changes and dramatic growth to your business. Our digital marketing personnel help you to connect with as many visitors as possible in an effective manner. Our online marketing strategy uses approaches that vouch for extremely engaging experiences with the users.

Tknocks will offer you more social media involvement, improving the number and quality of inbound links, on site content, video creation. Tknocks will suggest few changes in Website, to give rank very quickly for highly competitive keywords.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization practices if done effectively draw a large number of visitors and guarantee your repute in the industry. SEO considers online news media, social media and search engines to cater to customer needs. With the help of search engine optimization by Tknocks, you can make your product/service visible to the right audience, brand it on the right channel and put it at the right place.

PPC or Pay Per Click

All you want to do is accentuate your business. PPC, an important aspect of SEO is among the most effective models that direct traffic to your website. SEO experts at Tknocks use effective PPC techniques to optimize your website and make you meet global customers. Offline sales tracking, automated bid management, creative editing, opportunity identification, detailed analysis are some of the highlights of our PPC management service.

SMO or Social Media Optimization

In order to achieve online marketing goals, SMO plays pivotal role. When it comes to digital/online marketing, social media takes an important place. In general, we get to know about various services or products over social media. Nonetheless, getting the most of your business via social media necessitates knowledge and experience; our team of trained professionals starves to deliver the best value of clients’ money. We optimize your business through social networks, communities and blogs. We aim to get your website more and more popularity. We assure the usage of reliable means for generating traffic on your website.

Affiliate Marketing

We at Tknocks define the appropriate strategy, subscribe to potential advertising networks, track network performance at regular intervals, put security to prevent fraud and monitor network services. We have put together a group of trained and dedicated marketing experts to perform affiliate marketing in the most effective way.

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