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About Us

TKnocks is a trusted provider of affordable and reliable remote technical support services to individual and business users. Professionalism, technical excellence and customer care is deeply embedded in our operational fabric and we make every effort to sustain a service that delivers an exceptional customer service.

We cherish our customer relations and are fiercely protective of our reputation built on relentless hard work and ethical conduct. Our undivided focus stems out from the qualification, talent and experience of our personnel, who specialize in a vast spectrum of technologies i.e. Enterprises IT Solutions, SOHO, Microsoft Products, Cisco Networking, Cisco Voice, Cisco Security and the related application suites.

Our Vision

“To become one of the world’s leading high value center for technical support services to both households and businesses.”

Our Values

Our unwavering ‘quality first’ attitude is driven by corporate values that are instilled from our executive team through to the front line technical support.

People: People are our performing assets and our success is pivoted to the personnel performance. We invest heavily in talent acquisition, development, and retention, to realize the true potential of our business and associates. We care about our staff, so they can care more about our customers.

Agility: We strive to create value by eliminating waste. Time is of importance to our customers and we take practicable steps to reduce unproductive time by expediting the service delivery.

Dependability: Like our customers, we abhor unreliable solutions. TKnocks deploys advance diagnostics and analytical tools to assess problem at its core prior to trouble shooting. We like to resolve our customer’s problems, like they are our own.

Our Values
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