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Allow us to access your computer remotely through the Internet and fix the problems you are facing. By availing of this service.


Computer phone support has successfully delivered at the right time for hundreds of thousands of customers.


Connect to one of our technical experts through instant chat and get answers to all your queries. Absolutely free!


Our Tech experts available 24*7/365 days to answer query’s over the Email with best possible solution.

How It Works

Home Computer Support

Microsoft Office Support

Microsoft Office applications are critical software for almost everyone – students, business professionals...

Operating System Support

Tknocks certified technicians could help you install a new operating system and customize computer

PC Optimization

There are times when because of some issue slows down the speed of the system or there may be shut...

Device Support

Peripheral devices are the most essential instruments. Everything from cables, monitors, keyboards and other device...

Internet Explorer Optimization

Among the top listed browsers counts Microsoft Internet Explorer that has amazed users with plethora of features...

Virus Removal

Spyware, Malware, Rootkits, Adware, Worms, Trojans & Virus is unwanted software’s hidden inside

Computer Security

The world we live in requires a PC with an on-the-go Internet connection every moment. Since today’s era...

Web Browser Support

All browsers are full of features for smooth functioning and every next version comes with some special

Email Client Support

Cannot setup an email application? Not able to fix the issue while installing the email program? Want to...

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Business Support

IT Infrastructure Support

IT infrastructure consultancy services offered by Tknocks assists you to make certain that your IT

IT Security Support

Tknocks are a team of business and technology experts, whose business is to make yours simpler. And we

Contact Center Support

Contact centre is an effective medium to reach your customers personally. What Tknocks wishes is to take

Networking Support

Internet is the network of networks. Each system on the Web hosts one or multiple sites called Web Site.

Software Solution

Tknocks is a global software Solution provider that offers excellent software solutions. Software engineers

Website Solution

A professionally designed and developed website is the need of a business that has a goal to create an

Digital Marketing

Tknocks, we welcome you to make drastic changes and dramatic growth to your business. Our digital

IT – Resource Services

Tknocks is a group of responsible people that very well understand that needs increase with business

Call 1800 654 5095 for Instant Techsupport Now!

Tknocks Steel

(Validity 7 Days) Billed per Instance

Add New update/Add New hardware/Add New device


Incidents (any running service get effected in Desktop/laptop). Installation or Configuration of new software/Add New updates/Add New device Configuration device /Data Recoverory etc.


$59.99 Know More

Tknocks Speed

(Validity 7 Days) Billed per Instance

Desktop Optimization/Laptop Optimization/Temp file Cleanup


Complete Desktop/Laptop optimization. Remove all junk files from Laptop/Desktop. Apply best startup configuration to speedup laptop/Desktop


$39.99 Know More

Tknocks Silver

(Validity 7 Days) Billed per Instance

Malware Fix /Virus Fix/Trojan Fix


Setup & Installation of antivirus software. Fixing antivirus errors. Blocking spyware and malware. Detection and removal of virus infections from PC. Scheduling scans.Total protection from hacking


$89.99 Know More

Tknocks Gold

(Validity 7 Months) Billed per Instance

Virus Removal , PC Optimization and Diagnostics


Support Bundle Plan where Tknocks will provide multiple services.


$149 Know More

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